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Die Spotting Machine
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NC400-3020 die spotting machine

NC400-3020 die spotting machine

Product Classification:Die Spotting Machine

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Functional overview:

die spotting machine is mainly utilized for repair and maintenance of various plastic die, hardware casting die and thin-strip tensile forming die.

product details

Products Information

NC series press type die spotting machine draws essences of products of the same type at home and abroad, and is the main facility for design and development. This press type die spotting machine product is mainly utilized for repair and maintenance of various plastic die, hardware casting die and thin-strip tensile forming die. It boasts convenience, fast and automatic operations, which substitutes traditional simple fitting of knocking by copper bar, and greatly promotes efficiency and precision of fitting. NC series press type die spotting machine adopts PLC control, human-machine interface operations, proportion pressure adjustment and chooses different pressures according to working requirement.

Features of Press Type Die Spotting Machine:
1. Small-tonnage type (below 200T) frame adopts welding type frame structure, while large-tonnage type (above 300T) frame adopts welding type and separated frame. Separated parts are connected through Green columns and screws. Frame and sliding table are processed through tempering treatment, for the advantages of no stress, large rigidity and small formation.

2. Upper and lower working benches and guide rails of pressure-plate die spotting machine are made from nodular cast iron and adopt manual scraping for surface processing, with advantages of sound flatness, high precision and small deformation.

3. Disk type die spotting machine adopts electric control permanent magnet disk, with advantages of non-magnetic cut in despite of power supply and simple magnetizing and demagnetizing operations. After completion of magnetizing the magnetic forces will not be reduced, with advantages of strong magnetic forces, safety and power saving.

4. Complete safety facilities, safety grating, anti-falling oil cylinder, locking cylinder and safety supporting frame and other prevention facilities.

5. Hydraulic system adopts vibration-absorption facilities to reduce hydraulic impact and ensure precision of facilities.

6. Hydraulic system is equipped with low-pressure protection facilities to prevent damages caused by collision and insertion.

7. The system can adopt impact produced through high-speed die spotting to obtain extremely sound impression effects of red lead.


Parameter Table of NC400-3020 die spotting machine
No. Items/Specification Unit NC400-3020 Remark
1 Max.Pressing Capacity T 400 Adjustable
2 Max.Lifting Capacity T 100  
3 Rotation Angle Degree 0-180  
4 Mould Opening Space mm 2600  
5 Upper Clapper Capacity T 18 The weight of upper die can be reversed
6 Lower Clapper Capacity T 40  
7 Lower Table Repeatability Precision mm <0.5  
8 Table Size mm 3000x2000  
9 Close/Open High Speed mm/s 80/80  
10 Close/Open Low Speed mm/s 25  
11 Pressurizing Speed mm/s 10  
12 Ejection Capacity T 15  
13 Ejection Distance mm 200  
14 Lower Table Moving Distance mm 4250 Cylinder moves out
15 Motor Power KW 30 Energy saving
16 Machine Height mm 8170  
17 Machine Weight T 80  
18 Machine Occupied Land Size mm 8100x7000  


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